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“What do you do, Bob?” people often ask. Well, I do many things for clients and use many tools, but how do I boil that down to something most will understand? I can’t simply say that “I’m a management consultant,” for instance, because I perform other functions too. 

Thinking broadly, though, you might say that I’m a physical therapist for organizations with people “aches and pains” or units that don’t work together like they should. I am for sure a hands-on practitioner, and as such, employ classroom training, sophisticated self-assessment instruments, executive coaching and other tools to transform how people work together on the job.

 And it works. Ask Merrill Lynch. Ask the American Society on Aging. Ask the [Georgia] Coastal Regional Commission or others I could name.

 Well, that’s me, but what about you?

If you’re a CEO, and you’ve had your fill of being one of the few who’s passionately pursuing your vision for the organization, then contact me today. I’ll help you turn that situation around.

 In fact, consult the website of the Integro Leadership Institute (, and steep yourself in what you find there. If you like what you read about its line up of workforce-energizing processes, get in touch. I’m an Integro Leadership Associate, and the comprehensive services described on that site are among the ones that I proudly offer. (Incidentally, Leadership Excellence magazine placed Integro -- as a large consulting group -- among its 20 “Best in Leadership Development in 2011” rankings.) 

 Intrigued? Contact me, if you’d like to know more. In the meantime, I’m tops at what I do, and you’ll find me ready to be of service when you call.

 Robert A. Carpenter, President
InSight Management Development

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